It had to be you - album review

CD Review: Midwest Record 
Volume 33/Number 132 

Chris Spector 

DOUG FERONY/It Had to Be You: The guy has been in Goodfellas and Sopranos and if he wants to say hes the king of romantic vocals, we arent going to argue with him. An actor/singer that knows how to pack the emotion into whatever kind of words hes doing, this is a solid rendition of the classic songbag from a perspective we dont often get---guy singer, that is. Quite the dandy vocal/cocktail collection.

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CD Review:: O's Place Jazz Magazine 

DOUG FERONY/It Had To Be You: 


Doug performs a dozen of America's greatest love songs in front of an orchestra. This is a studio recording that follows his live CD. The arrangements are relaxed and deliberate allowing the listener to absorb all elements of Dougs voice and the music. It is well suited for romance especially "That's All" and "S'Wonderful" with Dena DeRose. Bossa nova beats underscore several tracks including the classic "Meditation".