Doug Ferony New Album, Catch The Wave FYC

To Grammy Voters, FYC For Your Consideration that we are in the Category

"Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album" - "Catch The Wave" by Doug Ferony!

 I am Happy to announce we have released a New Album “Catch The Wave" and that we are entered into the 65th Grammy Awards in the category Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

We have already received many Great Reviews and would love you to enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed working on the album! 

Please have a listen below and Enjoy! Please like and share our YouTube video.

Catch The Wave

Doug Ferony

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    Wave 3:44
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    Dindi 4:06
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“This over 46 minutes long collection is the absolute freedom to chaos; you just get to push the play button, close your eyes, and experience magic as each track transitions into the other, taking you to heaven you never thought existed, and if your wishes were horses, then you'd wish to spend the rest of your mortal life trapped in here!” 

- Catch The Wave - 

Daily Music Spin Review (Sept 14, 2022) 

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“As usual, Doug Ferony carves out a sound that makes him more than a capable player in jazz music. Tempos vary greatly depending on the song, with uptempo and slower songs seamlessly mixed in together. Both styles show off Doug Ferony’s ability to make music in versatile manners.” 

-Limitless Magazine 

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"This work of art can only be the sonic brainchild of a supernatural mind. Everything about this fantastic album makes excellent use of harmony, switching up the melody and rhythm that flows brilliantly. The dynamics also harmonize extremely well, and different instruments come and go throughout." 

-USA Wire 

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